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Staying in HDB

HDB’s mandatory fire insurance covers fixtures and fittings, but it doesn’t cover renovations. If your flat has been extensively renovated, you should get home insurance to complement the fire insurance.

Staying in Condominium

Pay attention to personal liability coverage, particularly if your neighbouring unit(s) are being rented out. The landlord may come after you for lost rental income, if their tenants are forced to move out after your fire or flooding.

Staying in Landed Property

It’s strongly advisable to always use all-risk insurance for landed property, as there are just many more things that can go wrong with a property of this size. Take note of temporary accommodation and storage pay outs – chances are, you have a bigger family or much bulkier items, compared to the average home owner. That could mean greater need for storage and temporary housing. Also, look out for debris removal limits: landed properties can reach up to five-digit sums for debris removal.

Does home insurance cover my luxury items / collections ?


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